Oscars 2020 Live Stream Online: 92nd Academy Awards

The Academy Awards 2020 will be held on February 9, 2020. Unlike the last event which happened in March, we are going to see the spectacular event back in February. If you have cut your cord, you will want to find the best way to watch Academy Awards 2020 Live Stream Online.

Oscars 2020 Live Online
Event92nd Academy Awards
DateFebruary 9, 2020
Time8 pm ET
VenueDolby Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
TV NetworkABC
Live StreamWatch Here

How to Watch Oscars 2020 live Online

Academy Awards 2020 is not exclusively in one country. People from around the world would like to watch the festivity with their family or friends. If you want to catch up with the big event, you will want to pick the top-rated streaming service to watch it without any hassle.
oscars live

ABC Network is the official broadcaster of the event. Through the live streaming online services, you can stream the program live. There are various options available to pick. The good thing here is that it does not limit you only to use your TV. Instead, you could use other devices like smartphone, TV streaming boxes, and many more.

Way to Watch Oscars Live Stream Free

If you already subscribe to cable or satellite package, you could watch the Oscars live stream free. All you need to do is just using your credentials to open the access of ABC Live streaming service on their official website, or the ABC app if you prefer to watch Oscars while on the go. ABC also work with several channels and streaming providers so that you can also find other options in the media streaming providers.

ABC will make the event available to view in various platforms. So, you don’t need to worry if you have cut your cable or satellite subscription. You will still have plenty of ways to get the coverage.

For instance, with your updated browser, you can go to ABC.com. It is the official live streaming service of the ABC. ABC gives the viewers the easiness to use its service without any hassle.

ABC is available in many kinds of platforms. Unfortunately, not all platforms can work for you because each of them has the geo-restriction policy. If you are outside of the area of service, you might experience the blackout. But that does not mean that it is a dead-end. We have the solution for you. Later we explain it.

Oscar Awards 2020 Streaming via ABC App

If you have no TV, it is not a big deal. You could watch Academy Awards 2020 through ABC App. So, as mentioned, if you want to watch it through your browser, you could live stream the show at ABC.com. If you are using a mobile device, consider using the ABC app. ABC App is available in both iOS and Android. Consider updating your mobile app software to make this method works. ABC App has a routine update. It might not work if your app is still the older version.

How to watch the Oscars 2020 without cable

Many people still cannot ditch their cable because they don’t know how to replace this option. Well, if you are still stuck with that kind of choice, we suggest you read this section thoroughly. The other option has been available for a while. Many viewers have been using live streaming options for years. The key to watch the Academy Awards 2020 is to focus on the live streaming provider which includes ABC network in their package.

There are two ways you can watch the Academy Awards 2020 through ABC channel without cable. The first one is through media streaming service. The second one is through free over-the-air broadcasts.

Let us explain the media streaming service first. It comes with the streaming service that we call as “skinny bundles.” That is the right phrase to describe the bundles that you can get from the streaming service which come much more affordable than conventional service. You could enjoy the ABC channel amongst the others. Only the number of essential channels you get are less than ones you attain from cable or satellite subscription. Without further ado, let’s explore the options available for you.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu has been one of the most popular streaming services because of its excellent service. Hulu with Live TV adds ABC in the package. It only offers one package for $39.99 per month. The package provides more than 50 significant channels. If you are not sure yet about this option, you could use its free trial program.

Sling TV

We have seen the report that ABC was cutting out the work with Sling TV. But it seems like Sling TV is going to get the ABC back in their fleet. We need to wait for the confirmation in the future.

Sling TV offers great streaming packages for those who are budget conscious. Its skinny bundle only costs around $20-$25 at best. Back then, Sling Orange package which costs you $20 was the choice that included ABC. If ABC and Sling TV work together again, there is a possibility that you can also attain the service here.

PlayStation VUE

The skinny bundle offers different packages to the clients. But with the PlayStation VUE, the “Access” Package is more than enough. It is an entry-level service of PS VUE which costs $44.99 per month. It is not the cheapest option that you can find online. But in the silver lining, it is indeed a high-profile service. If you love Sony product, don’t hesitate to pick this option. Try PlayStation Vue for free as the new user. It will give you a great time and opportunity to try its features.

YouTube TV

Do not misunderstand YouTube TV with the regular YouTube hosting site. It is also different from YouTube Premium. As the name suggests, YouTube TV provides you with the live streaming option to watch significant channels around the globe. It offers live streaming service in HD and DVR service. But if you can’t watch the Academy Awards live, you can also watch it on-demand. We can assure you that it is an impressive media streaming service.

It is only available in the select market so that you will want to check whether or not you are eligible to enjoy it. It is worth checking out its services through the YouTube TV free trial program. You will have the privilege to test out the service before finally making your subscription. The other highlight that we’d like to share is that one YouTube TV account is accessible by up to six google accounts. But keep in mind that only up to three users can log in and use the service at the same time.

DirecTV Now

For the AT&T service fans, you can’t go wrong with DirecTV Now. Or, if it is the first time in using a live streaming service, DirecTV Now is one of the best providers you will want to stick with. DirecTV Now is a more significant provider than before. It has been evolving from time to time. You can also easily find ABC in its most basic package called “Live A Little.” This skinny bundle costs you $40 per month. Of course, it comes with the free trial program as well so that you can use it as the opportunity to assess the services before proceeding. Rest assured, though; it will give you steady and high-quality content.

Over-the-air TV option – Use your antenna

The other way to watch the Academy Awards 2020 other than live streaming is by using your antenna, or purchasing one if you don’t have one. Skinny bundles might be out of the question if you can receive the signal from the nearby ABC tower in your area.

If you do, then it can be the cheapest and most effective way to get the ABC to watch the Academy Awards. Like other channels, ABC has been affiliating with many local providers across the country. The affiliates have the independent transmitters in which used to broadcast such stunning HD video and picture. In some extents, the quality is better than cable or satellite, if your antenna can grasp the clear signal.

Watch The Oscars on Roku, Fire TV, KODI or Chromecast

Surely, you will want to know if your TV streaming devices can use the platform to watch ABC. The answer is a big yes. The primary streaming services are also available on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, as well as Chromecast.

For the Roku Users, you could use one of the media streaming services we mentioned above to open the access to ABC. Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast Users can also use these streaming services to watch ABC from their favorite devices.

The good thing here is that you can find each of the streaming services apps in the market. All you need to do then is to download the app and install it on your device. For mobile users, you need to install the app in your smartphone or tablet, and VOILA, you can watch Academy Awards 2020 right through your mobile device. You don’t need to worry anymore if you are outside and to travel anywhere. Turn your mobile device into a great media player for you.

Not to mention that these services also provide software so that you can use it on your desktop or laptop.

Oscars 2020 Live On Social Media

You can also follow Oscars 2020 in Social Media. Consider sticking to the official social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and many other places. You can follow the updates, news, highlight, and many more.

Reddit, for instance, is popular because of its subreddits. In such a supportive community, finding the information you want is as easy as lifting your fingers. Consider to register a free account and join with the niche community. You won’t regret it.

The other option is YouTube. YouTube is more than just a video hosting site. Many users have been flocking the website because of its quality of streaming.

If you are living in the millennium, chances are you have Facebook and Twitter accounts. You have done the right thing. With these, you will be able to get the updated events of Academy Awards 2020. You will also find many interesting links that can give you the coverages of the spectacular moments, although there is no way to watch the Oscars from social media for free.

Watch Academy Awards 2020 LIVE from Anywhere

We mentioned that most of the media streaming services come with the geo-restriction policy that will prevent you from using the service anywhere you want. But, there is a way to unblock this restriction by using the VPN. All you need to do is to use your VPN to connect with the server that indicates the location of the service. For instance, if Sling TV is sole for US market, then you need to connect to the US IP with the help of your VPN service.

There are many VPN services that you can find in the market. Take your time to compare them. Or, see the reviews from the unbiased reviewing site. Pick the best one for you and enjoy.

If using the VPN is not an option for you, you might want to use the DNS Proxy. It will give you a static IP address, which is undetectable. The media streaming services won’t know that you come from another place. The service is more expensive than the VPN service.

Oscars 2020 Red Carpet Live Stream

Using the media streaming services above is more than enough to give you the privilege to watch Oscars 2020 Red Carpet live stream. There are different internet streaming services on the market. You will want to research on them and find the best one for you. The subscription plans vary. Consider taking one which adds ABC in the package. As mentioned, ABC is the official channel of the Oscars. Red Carpet will also be naturally available in the ABC channel coverage.

How to watch the Academy Awards live on TV

The official broadcaster of Oscars 2020 is the ABC network. Many international and national channels are collaborating with the ABC to showcase the prestigious events for their viewers. Whether you are using your antenna, cable, satellite, or streaming services, make sure to tune in ABC when the game happens.

Oscars 2020 Channel (TV Rights)

In the US soil, you could tune in ABC to watch Oscars 2020. You may want to visit this link to see the channel that broadcasts the event in your country.

Andorra:Canal + Spain
Armenia:Public TV Company of Armenia
Asia:HBO Asia
Australia:Nine Network
Austria:ORF 1 or Pro 7 Sat 1
Belarus:ONT- Second Nat’l TV Channel
Belgium (Flemish):Chello Media/Prime or Canal + France
Benelux:BE TV SA
Bolivia:Red Unitel / Canal 9
Brazil:TV Globo
Bulgaria:BTV Cinema
Canada:CTV Television Network
Colombia:Vista /RCN
Costa Rica:Canal 7
Croatia:HRT Croation Television
Cyprus:Intervision Services
Denmark:TV2 Film or Danmarks Radio TV DR 1,2, & 3
Dominican Republic:Teleantilles
Ecuador:Telecuartro Guayaquil
El Salvador:Canal Dos
Estonia:Kanal 2
Fiji:Fiji Broadcasting Corp
France:Canal+ France
Georgia:Rustavi 2 Broadcasting
Germany:Pro 7/ Sat 1
Greece:Intervision Services
Guatemala:Channels 3, 7, 11 & 13
Holland:Liberty Global Content or Chello Media
Honduras:Compania Televisora Hondurena
Hong Kong:Pearl Channel/TVB
India:Star India
Ireland:RTE, RTE 2, and BSkyB
Israel:DBS Satellite/YES Movies & Hot Vision
Italy:Sky Italia / Sky Cinema
Japan:Wowow & NHK
Kazakhstan:JSC Khabar Agency
Korea:CJE&M/Orion Cinema
Liechtenstein:Pro 7 Sat 1
Luxembourg (French & Dutch):Canal + France
Luxembourg (German):Pro 7 Sat 1
Macedonia:Sitel TV
Malta (Italian):Sky Italia/Sky Cinema
Mexico:Red Azteca/ Ch. 7
Middle East:Gulf DTH Entertainment/OSN
Monaco (French):Canal + France
Monaco (Italian):Sky Italia/Sky Cinema
Mongolia:Mongol TV
Montenegro:Radio Television Montenegro
New Zealand:Sky Network/Sky Movies
Nicaragua:Canal 2
Norway:Modern Times Group/Viasat or TV3 & TV6
Papua New Guinea:Nine Network
Paraguay:Canal 9
Peru:Canal 2
Poland:Canal + Poland
Romania:Digi Film
Russia (CIS/USSR):JSC Chanel One
Serbia:Radio Television Serbia
Singapore:Media Corp/Ch. 5
Slovakia:Slovenska TV/Doma
Slovenia:Planet TV
Slovenia (Italian):Sky Italia/Sky Cinema
Spain:Canal + Spain
Surinam:Apintie Televisie
Switzerland (Italian):Sky Italia/Sky Cinema
Switzerland (German):Pro 7 Sat 1
Switzerland (French):Canal + France
Taiwan:TTV Main Channel/ Taiwan Television Ent.
Thailand:True Visions/UBC
Trinidad & Tobago:CCN
Ukraine:Channel Ukraine
United Kingdom:BSkyB
Uruguay:Sociedad Televisora Larranag
Vietnam:TVad Vietnam Television

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What time are the Oscars 2020

It will happen on February 24, 2020, at 8 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. So, mark your calendar and turn your alarm on. You don’t want to miss this fantastic event.

Final Thought

We’ve shared the best skinny bundles for ABC. You will want to pick one of them to get the coverage of Academy Awards 2020. But if you find out that the ABC tower can reach your location, consider purchasing the antenna. Either way, we wish you good luck!