2018 Oscars Best Picture prediction

The Best Picture race is getting tight among the movie die-hard fans as the award season will kick off in days. The Academy award usually surprises us with the list of nominations. Before going to the prediction we should map the best possibilities what movies which have greater chance to be put on the list.

Best Picture prediction

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk buys the ticket for the Warner Bros due to a new perspective and clearly great pictures. Dunkirk has shown great thrilling and intense movie which are credited as the best film f the year 2017 even among the critics. Furthermore, Dunkirk seems to have a great chance both in Best Picture Nomination and of course Best Director Nomination. Previously, Nolan’s movies are stick to win the technical categories, will Dunkirk win the best picture nomination?

You should realize that we have two films about the Dunkirk operation in 2017. The Darkest Hours are getting blown up by the incredible performance of Gary Oldman who played as Winston Churchil. The production makes you adore this film even though you’re not a real fan of this kind of movie. As you watched Darkest hour, you should agree that this movie should be nominated to have Best Actor Award and certainly Best Picture Nomination.

Even though it’s been released in the February 2017, Universal’s Get Out is joining the race. It may not win but certainly, lock itself in Best Picture nomination. A horror movie is still unequally considered on this kind of award, but Get Out is certainly one of the best 2017 movies. The Hollywood horror movie directors seem take the chance by promoting their own horror world, just like James Wan, Jordan Peele brings his horror world this movie through his amazing director talent.

the gay romance movie Call Me By Your Name has been rocketing through 2017. The actors, Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer have shown incredible performance along with the supporting performance of Michael Stuhlbarg. Luca Gudagnino brought the beauty of love in eighty fantasy. The story itself is written by James Ivory and has gained perfect rating from various critic sites.

The Florida Project is the next movie should be put on the list. The story is about the fun and emotional journey of kids that live in a motel trying to reach the Disney World. The kids have done a very great job in sending the message to the audiences about the empathy and poverty. This film is recalling the Moonlight, Best Picture nomination is locked for The Florida Project, the winning is certainly considered. Besides the Florida Project, A24 has brought the Lady Bird movie to the Best Picture-winning chance. The film is emotional and funny, when it’s released, it met the high expectation built in huge buzz during the promotion. The Lady Bird doesn’t only compete in Best Picture categories but also the Best Director and Best Original Screenplay categories.

Netflix surprisingly also join this race with Mudbound which has gained a very positive response and reviews. As the Mudbound is released through streaming platform instead of theatres, the reception seems to be pretty low. You can’t find a proper review about the Mudbound through mainstream media. However, Dee Ree and the casts have joined the Netflix to extensively promote this great movie. The Netflix give a wide access to Academy voters to watch the movie in a very easy way. If the things go right, you’ll see Mudbound joining the Best Picture Race.

20th Century Fox’s The Post brought tremendous figures in the competition including the Steven Spielberg as director, Meryl Streep, and the best actor in the world, Tom Hanks. They’re actually loved by the Academy, but this time the movie has grown up as it has political relevance to the recent state’s constellation. The timing is just perfect and makes the Post gained a very high attention from audiences last year.

Guillermo del Toro brings two movies on this race, the Mudbound and of course the Shape of Water. Toro has brought mind-blowing sci-fi fairy tale telling the story of a mute woman who loves the amphibian man, Merman. Oscar seems to be unfamiliar with this kind of movies. However, as the movie has been released and showed great reception, the Shape of Water will attract many Academy voters.

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