Every Reason that Your Lovable Movie Has A Good Chance for Oscars 2018

Oscars is set to happen in March, which means there are still two months away to wait. For some folks, it is still too early to predict who will win the Oscars. However, we can arguably see the directions when it comes to the Oscar Race. Not to mention that the nominees will be officially announced in less than 3 weeks.


We can’t forget that the last year Oscars had been dominated with the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite


We do still remember the inclusiveness and diversity of the nominees. Although it is a bit subjective, the race ended up with the controversial “La La Land” announced as the Best Picture winner. Billion people witnessed this announcement. Then giving up the trophy 60 seconds later to the actual Winner Moonlight?

The controversies have never been forgotten by the film enthusiasts. Let’s move on.
Oscars is prestigious. It is more than just a list of good movies and performers. As the prestigious one, it signifies something more than that. It is about the image of the Hollywood movies as seen by the world. For decades, Weinstein has been the face of Oscars since he won as producer of countless times. His most dominating victorious was Shakespeare in Love. His winning allowed the Hollywood to present the images to the world. He had set the new standards of how a good film must be.

But things happened and it is a bit hard to watch all the Oscar campaigning this year because the image is deteriorated. The awards voters and movie stars are going to acknowledge the seniors. The Screen Actors Guild Awards will be aired in January, days before the nominations of Oscar announced. And all the presenters will be women. There is no doubt that there will be many people who argue that it is a misdeed. Not to mention that the problems of inclusiveness are far from solved.

We may overlook the Get Out film. It is the biggest hits and best-reviewed movies. This has a thing to do with superheroes movies that dominate the entire world. Say Wonder Woman, despite hitting the cinemas big with plenty box offices, it will probably not attain many Oscar votes. It is more because of its genre and the director. Well, it sucks. But it is a reality. The inclusiveness is still there.

The Best Picture race is filled with the contest between the epic films like the Darkest Hour, The Post, and Dunkirk. Some of the candidates are more related stories such as Call Me By Your Name, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, The Shape of Water, The Florida project, Big Sick, Get Out, Lady Bird, and Mudbound.

Moonlight was controversial back then. But this year, the predictors tend to choose the historical epics by the reputable Directors. That means the tendency will go to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and Steven Spielberg’s The Post.

In the end, the great films and performances will be praised high. And then Hollywood will get back in the phase productions for a bunch of movies to close the end of the year 2018.
It is undeniable that the stakes in Oscar are high. The struggle in the Film industry will continue not only to grab the prestigious shiny trophy but also to preserve the interesting story so that it can be told from one generation to another. The complex process involves thousands of experts from the decisive studio, script writing, casts, and finally get to the Oscar in March. It happens from year to year.

When we look at the previous years’ nominations, people always win. Well, indeed. We can’t neglect the fact that the Sci-fi has been struggling. But when the Hollywood adds “Heroes” to it, it will be different. Wonder Woman is one of the examples. The road to the 2018 Oscar is full of obstructions. So, buckle up and be ready.

This year Oscars is filled with sci-fi romance, boasts war epics, black comedies, touching controversial dramas, and different distinct Hollywood performances. For the first time in decades, Oscars have become hard to predict. Perhaps that is the reason why your favorite movie can possibly win the Oscars.

Oscar is used to intuitive so that everyone will know who will win. But at this time, we are going to guess. And often, our guesses are wrong. Believe it when we tell you that we are possibly more confident later on January 23rd.

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