How Do We Get Nominated for Oscar?

Everyone should know that Academy Awards or in short Oscar is the most prestigious achievement in the film making industries. The reason behind its prestige is no other than the complexity of the process. To be able to get the nomination, first you need to pass a voting consist of approximately 6,000 members. Besides, they have to compete with thousands of fellow movies, directors, actors, composers, editors, actresses and the others. Moreover if someone wants to get the golden statue, there is a strict procedure with certain guidelines that have to be obeyed no matter what. This is why the nominees are already considered as superior compared to the others, moreover the winners. The films would be considered as masterpiece for years, and the actors and the actresses could have a sudden leap in their value. But how do we get nominated for oscar? Here are a little summary of how everything works in oscar and how to get chosen.

Oscar Nominees

First of all, if you think that oscar is handled by an organization specialized in movies, then you are wrong. Oscar is held managed by an accounting team of Pricewaterhousecoopers. Yes, they are an accounting team and they have been managing all things about the oscar consists of mailing the ballots out and then making the tabulation for the results for more than 80 years. In December, they will send the ballots out to the members of the Academy, and the due date would be the january next year. After all the responses have been received, then they began the calculation process that approximately took 1700 hours to complete.

The nomination process itself has strict rules that have to be followed, and only by following these rules, one could be nominated. First an Official Screen Credits should be signed and submitted in early December by the respective movie producer or distributor. This document is not just about the credits of the movie but rather the proofs that the movie had already met all the criterion compulsory for the nomination. The first and the most important is that the movie must length at 40 minutes at least. Then the movie should be publicly screened in Los Angeles County for paid admission, in this case, the name of the theater where it is screened should be included. The screening process then taken for a qualifying run at least seven days straight. Moreover, the movies shouldn’t have their premiere outside the theatrical run.if in any case the movie is already screened for the first time on television or the internet then it is automatically disqualified.

After the primary conditions are met, then the ballots are sent to the Academy members for voting. The members who are chosen to vote could pick up to five nominees, starting from their most favourite one. During the voting process, the members should only tell the truth, moreover, doing something unnecessary might result in disqualification of the ballots. Once every members have submitted their vote, then the accounting team of the PricewaterhouseCoopers will begin the process of counting. In this process, the potential nominees will turn into an official nominees if certain conditions are met. First, the team will decide the magic number for the vote by summing up the total ballots received for a particular category then divide them into total possible nominees plus one. When a nominee’s ballots has reached the specific amount decided by the calculation, then the will be the official nominee. Becoming an official nominee is just the start to make their way to be the winner of Academy Awards.

The counting process itself is still done manually by hand. It starts with the first selection of the voters until someone has reached the magic number. After a name come up (fulfilled the compulsory magic number) then there are obviously only 5 spots left for the nominations. The nominees with the less vote will get knocked out and their spots will immediately be filled with the one with more voters. Then the result will be regrouped based on the voters second choices until all the five nominees are chosen. If a ballot is running out of selections, then the ballot will be voided and can no longer be used for voting. This is the main reason why it is important to choose 5 different names for the nominees. If there are some ballots voided the it will surely make the compulsory magic number decrease.

The final process is rather simple, the winner will be decided through a vote. The previous counting from the ballots will result in the list of the official nominees and what’s left is choosing the best of each category. For this cause, the whole Academy will get to choose the best from each category. It means that a member get to vote for a name in each category. Of course they wouldn’t get to watch all the movies nominated in the season, but they still have to vote based on their own knowledge. Simply said, the names with the most vote will be the winner of the award in each category. Up to this point, we become aware that no matter how good you are in making films, it would be no use if it is not known by people who have the authorities. It could be said that you have to make your movie as famous as possible so that people would get to see your movie and you will get more chance to be voted.

It is such a hard effort for someone to get the award, and after knowing those information above, you would be able to give more respect for those who successfully achieved the awards. If you are trying to get your work recognized by the world, you should also try to make a movie and get at least one of the awards. Know that there is no such easy-peasy way to get your name recorded in the history, and respect those who already have!

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