Oscars Produces Fewer “Best Picture” Nominees This Time

Public does not know exactly the details of the Academy rules about choosing the Best Picture for this year’s Oscars.

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It is not surprising that this year can be the fewer Oscars best picture nominations. To be honest, 7 nominees are still many. But it is fewer than previous oscars events. The number of Oscars Best Picture will depend on how many members who use their vote. The ballots will be counted and only films which meet the qualifications that will be nominated.

The ballots seem to be promising a great result this year. It only would have produced seven nominees. The next Oscars can be a different thing by everyone since it is quite different with the other Oscars which produced up to 10 nominees for the Best Picture. The fewer numbers of the nominees has procured number of questions from the film enthusiasts.

The Critics’ Choice Awards has the credibility as the Oscar predictors. However, this year can be different. In most recent years, both CCA and Academy have been significant and compact in producing the nominees. But it becomes different this year. This year Oscar voters only produce 7 nominees in the Best Picture.

Based on what the people look at the previous Oscar, we could have expected that we’ll see the eight or nine nominees this year. But it is possible that the nominees are kept to down to 7 nominees.

So, how the Oscar Best Picture vote works? It is actually a complex one. However, we are going to explain the more understanding version for you.

The first step is about the Initial Count. The eligible members to vote for the Critics Choice Awards will be 332 writers and critics for radio, TV, and internet outlets.

Oscars count will be conducted by the count of total number of ballots cast and find the number to guarantee the nomination. It will be done by dividing the ballots total number and the available nominations.

The next step is the surplus rule. The point of this step is to assess that all the films votes. Any films which receive votes will be in the surplus rule. The members will wisely vote and don’t want to waste them for overloading specific film. For instance, if any film get 10 percent more of the votes than it needs, then the number of votes will be reallocated. For instance, if a film only needs 26 votes to be nominated, but it gets 54, it only requires 50% of each of its votes to secure the slot of nomination.

Then the 50% of the vote will be transferred to the film ranked second on the ballot.

The next thing to do is the Redistribution. At this stage, any film which has fewer 1 percent of the ballots will be eliminated. Of the 32 films in play, the first four films are secured for nominations. That is indeed a huge number to be eliminated in this important occasion. About half of the remaining films were excluded from the competition.

The 5 Percent rule will close the qualification process. 1 percent ballots need to be reallocated. AFter it is done, every movie which has more than 5 percent of the vote will become the Best Picture nominee. Every movie with less than 5 percent of the vote will not be eligible as the nominee. For instance, if the voters are 300. The 15 first-place voters will be enough number to secure the slot for the nomination.

This year is lower in support. The support can be shallow enough that a full 82% of the movies that get the first-place votes do not have enough number of supports to be nominated. That’s why this time, Oscars only produce 7 nominees.

There is no a promise that this thing will happen again in the future. Let’s admit it. 2017 is packed with many amazing films which entertain all the viewers around the world. There are many contenders and tons of big films. It is possible that many “underdog” films are being left out. Oscars is around the corner. But before that, the Critics Choice Awards will announce the winner in the Santa Monica on the CW.

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