There are several facts we should know about The Oscars 2018

The nominees of the Oscars go through a rigorous test before the nominations. The films, which will be on show that night, have attracted so much controversy, more than any other in the recent past has.

Much of the controversy is political in nature. It is common knowledge that the winners of the Oscars are elected more than being chosen. Though some of the critics of the nominees are right, some of them are not being sincere in their quest.

Some of this criticism could be backlash for some unfinished business. There are those movies that are over hyped, when the movie comes out it does not live to the people’s expectations.

Some of the debates are about the content of the films, others the date of release and others all about the circumstances of the film’s production. The truth of the matter is that no one at the Oscars has been able to walk scot-free. Future critics of the Oscars are closely watching the happenings of this year’s Oscars. The want to see how the front runners will perform, Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

the Oscars 2018 several facts

The black comedy by Martin McDonagh’s has had many positive reviews since its release. It received the people’s choice awards that act as a stepping-stone into receiving an Oscar.

There are several facts we should know about the Oscars. Everyone who is nominated will be hoping to hear his or her name. The Oscars is undoubtedly the biggest and brightest night in Hollywood.

Many of us wonder about the cost associated with producing and having such an elaborate night as the Oscars. The truth is that the 2018 Oscars will be the most expensive in history.

The female filmmakers
There are over 7000 voters for the Oscars. The voters at this year’s events have been able to recognize that the women to play a significant role in making movies. The Lady Bird is the first movie that has a female director to get a nomination since The Hurt Locker in the year 2010.

Queen Meryl
There is more good news as Meryl Streep is still the most nominated actor in the academy’s history. The nomination is because of her appearance in The Post. She has three previous wins, Sophie’s Choice [1982], Kramer vs. Kramer [1979], and The Iron Lady [2011].

Hail the Master
John Williams is impressive and is adding to the number of music nominations he has. He is now on his 46th nomination. The nomination is because of his performance in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The total nominations that he has are fifty-one. Five of them are for his original songs. These nominations make him the most nominated person alive. He is also the second of all time, coming in second to Walt Disney who had fifty-nine.

Kobe Bryant
Former basketball player Kobe Bryant, who is an 18 time all star, is a 2018 Oscar nominee. He got this nomination for his role in Dear Basketball, a collaboration with John Williams who is a composer and Glen Keane.

Bryant was overjoyed to learn that he was a nominee for this year’s Oscars. It was beyond his wildest dreams. Not everybody is excited with this nomination.

With the scandal involving Harvey Weinstein still fresh in our minds, many now remember that Bryant also had sexual assault charges of his own to deal with. in two thousand and three, he was charged with raping a nineteen year old who was working in a hotel in Colorado.

However, Bryant insisted that it was consensual. According to him it was not rape as the young girl had been claiming. The criminal case against Bryant was dropped when the accuser did not testify in court, but still the basketball player had a civil suit to deal with.

Bryant apologized to the victim but did not admit that he was guilty.

Surprises’ and snubs
As with any other Oscar academy awards, there are snubs and surprises. This year is no different. Among the biggest snubs in this year’s awards is Call Me by Your Name by Armie Hammer, which is a Golden Globe nominee.

Moreover, there is Downsizing by Hong Chau, and the Wonder Woman. Despite doing well and getting high ratings this movies did not get any nomination.

The Big Sick and Mudbound were also absent from the best picture despite the fact they got other nominations. The post by Steven Spielberg and Three Billboards by Martin McDounagh were left out in the category of best director. This is despite the fact that they were the movies that toped most of the charts this year.

On the other side, there were good surprises. Denzel Washington got his eight nomination for his acting. This makes him the most nominated black actor in history. He has won two times for Training day and Glory.

More good news for Denzel as he has another nomination for fences. He has co-produced and directed the movie.

There is a lot to feel excited about this year’s awards. There are many good nominations, though some of them have been nominated year after year. Nonetheless, some of these nominations have been long overdue. They truly deserve to have their names included in those who have won the prestigious awards.

Jimmy Kimmel will host this year’s awards. This is the second time for him to host the awards. The live broadcast will air on ABC on 4 March.

Check the list of the nominees to the 2018 Oscar awards. Ensure you make your predictions for this year’s Oscars. This will help the Hollywood insiders see how the films they selected are fairing, and how the audience feels about these nominations.

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