Top Must-See Movies to Expect the 2018 Oscars Race

The Golden Globes arrive earlier than the Oscars. This is the reminder for every die-hard fans of films. Unless the film enthusiasts spent their leisure time to watch big films at their local cineplex, there are a lot of movies that you might have missed back in 2017. You will probably need to catch up with some of them before viewing the Academy Awards on March 4.

You might or might not agree with our list but at least it is what we’ve got so far for expecting the Oscars 2018. Oscars have been long considered and trusted. The show goes in the top six categories. This award is the opportunity to address that state of the movie industry. The stars who play their roles in the movies will have the chance to receive public’s annotations.
The ballots have been opened for a while. It almost reaches the finish line. The nominations, however, will be announced on January 23rd. Big movies can have the picture contests. So, for the Best Picture, here is the movies list.

The Shape Of Water oscars 2018

The Shape Of Water

It is a supernatural romance genre movie which is set in the Cold War era. It was up for seven Globes, definitely the strong competitor in the Oscars 2018. It is an emotionally complex story between a woman who can’t talk and a fish-man from South America.

Lady Bird

It tells about the Lady Bird who wants to get out from her Catholic School. She also wants to leave her hometown and her overbearing mom.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

It is a much prevalent movie for all the movie goers. The dark comedy infused in the film is one of the reasons why you should watch it. It tells the black humor wrapped with tragedy in the story of one bad mother who wants to solve her daughter’s murder. She thinks that the local authorities are not proactive in solving her daughter murder. You can see the thrilling performances of the actors and actresses in this spectacular movie.

Get Out

Get Out is a distinctive film because of its deliverance to the public. It is streamed on iTunes and other digital platforms. The story is about a black photographer who interacts with his white girlfriends. It says that the interracial is still a taboo thing. The film is wrapped with satire and horror tropes. It is entertaining and thrilling the audiences around the world.

Call Me By Your Name

There are many reasons why viewers are loving this movie.
One of the reasons is the picturesque Italian countryside as the setting of the controversial sexual relationship between a teenage boy with his father’s graduate assistant. Consider to view this with your partner and you will see the impressive breakthrough of the strong relationship between two parties.

All the Money in the World

It showcases one of the best narratives in the entire Oscar contenders. It has drawn a lot of positive reviews as well as gained the box office.

I, Tonya

A little bit laugh, joke, and comedy action when seeing the I, Tonya. It is a biographical sports black comedy genre film which features Margot Robbie as the main cast. The dark spin of the family story of Tona has been well received by the critics and enthusiasts, which is why it is on the Best Picture list of Oscars.

Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread is surprisingly successful in the market. The enigmatic film has brought the standard to the next level. The costumes are lush, the performance of the actors and actresses are superb, and the score is perfect. The story is about the light sadomasochism. Although it is not a story for everyone, it is a preferred one in the Academy.


Sold to Netflix, some old-timers are not appraising the way it delivers. However, the film comes to the best format for movie watching. Actors and actresses performances receive big two thumbs up.

Darkest Hour

The Gary Oldman transformative performance, the great story about the humble leadership has amazed a million viewers around the world. Definitely the Oscars stuff.

The Big Sick

It is one of the most watched movies in Summer. The Big Sick shows folks what is the romantic comedy should like.

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