Where to Watch Oscars 2019 with Your Best Buddies

You’ve been watching all those movies which are noted as the nominees for the upcoming Oscars. You will want to start together with your own ballot. And perhaps you are willing to follow each of them to assure that the decision of folks is right.

Where to Watch Oscars

Then you have watched all the movies indicted. Now, it is your time to sit back and relax and watch the moment of truth. The good thing about Oscars is that there is always a reason to enjoy it with your best buddies.

Watching the Academy Awards with your friends from a great place is a nice experience to be shared with your friends. Not to mention that the Oscars has its own red carpet watch parties which usually come with a lot of surprises. You might be guessing what’s the surprise that will be brought up. Oscar day means being away from the Hollywood at all costs. If the prime time won’t just do a good place, or perhaps you will want to watch this special event with your entourage, then you have many options to pick.

The question is, where to watch the Oscars with your friends or family? Here we have compiled the cool list for you consisting the places wherein you can watch the Oscars.

Las Vegas

Million Dollar Theater
Here you can enjoy the Oscars from the big-screen flat screen under the lights of the coolness. The Million Dollar Theater is a great place to gather with your best buddies, rolling out the red carpet for the night games, drinking, as well as the hype of the ceremony. The dress code? Dress like you are actually an invited guest in the Academy Awards.

Now Boarding
Now Boarding for Oscar Night? Everyone will love that idea. The movie-themed cocktails which only cost $9 makes you eligible as attendances. The bar is also rolling out the red carpet. Not to mention that you can have a free finger food to enjoy. If you love jazz, then this place is for you.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
Watch the Oscars pre-show. Consider participating in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel toasts to the awards show. Of course, this will be a crowded night. But believe it, the place, the foods, the drinks, all the things are worth to wait.


Le Saint Amour
This will give you the glamour and the exclusiveness. Tag someone special along with you to enjoy the night of the Oscars. You will feel the ambiance of the Hollywood glamour and seek the crowd. The Oscars will be showcased there along with the delicious French Menu. There is nothing better than this exclusive experience for your Oscars viewing experience.

Maui & Sons
In this place, the show will be displayed on the ten flat-screens while the chefs hold the BBQ on their patio and volleyball games are held for those folks who don’t watch the Oscars intensely. Consider going to this place if you are going with a group of friends and want to have more than just ordinary Oscars viewing activity.

Breadbar Century City
Breadbar offers such a great atmosphere for those who want to enjoy the Oscars to the fullest. It comes together with its distinct “Red Carpet Fizz & Quiz”. it is the event that shouldn’t be missed by all the films viewers. The game is pretty simple. The guests will fill out the list of their Oscars picks. That’s it. The next thing you need to do is just having a drink or bite with your friends for the shows. Also, the Oscars will be shown on the eight-foot screens.

Magnolia Bakery
Magnolia Bakery is one place to go if you love cakes and bakery. You might have a plan in your backyard or friend’s home and wonder how to surprise them. Consider having the ultra-rich Oscar cupcake at $3.25 a pop. This nice sweet cupcake will do just right when you watch the prestigious night event with your family or friends.

New York City
Videology will present the 90th Oscars celebration this year. It has been long known as one of the greatest bars in the US which offers the best place for watching Oscars from a prime spot. The gate will open at 5:30 PM and the red carpet coverage starts at 6 Pm. Be sure to reserve your spots earlier.

Syndicated will also hole the great event of 90th Annual Academy viewing for all the viewers visiting the place. This offer prevalent options to view Academy Awards as exclusive as you wish. The theater seating is around $10 and $15. For the VIP booth for five or fewer people, you could provide around $150. No matter what your budget, you will have a nice and exclusive time in the Syndicated restaurant.

In the Caveat, you could get involved with the Big Oscars Quiz Thing. This presents their sixth annual film live viewing. The night doors will open at 5:30 pm with the trivial shows. You could get involved and has the chance to win the sweet prizes. The food and drink menu is marvelous. If you have no plan yet with your friends, you could consider in your wish list.

Viewing Party At Your Home
Who says you should go outside when you watch the Oscars awards? You could start the day earlier to throw a party on your patio or backyard. Make sure you already purchase your teak outdoor furniture to make sure that everyone can sit around and enjoy the sweets and goods from your teak table.

Here you can invite anyone who wants to watch Oscars viewing party. Order the pizza to your home, buy soft drink or beers. Also, consider few delicious BBQ menu which can be made independently by you and your guests. Invite everyone you want, your best buddies, relatives, as well as special. One. Consider to watch some movies together before the actual event happens. If you want to, start the gathering day from the daylight. This will be a great excuse for everyone to escape and enjoy their getaway with their friends and family.

You can follow the Guideline Here! If you want to watch Oscars 2019 live online free.

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